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ripped this from jojevis's lj.

In my country, my America(land of the free, home of the brave) military pornography cock teases the hard-lucked masses into believing that they can send you on epic adventures. Speaking down to the people, offering a soft hand and a cure for their common cold it sucks them in and fuels the American war machine. Give us your sick, your tired, your hungry, your fucking huddled masses so that we may strap kevlar wings onto the new angels of democracy and send them overseas so that they can unload a whole clip of lead freedom into the head of the human spirit.

In my country, my America(note: our god is bigger than yours) politicians hide behind the muscle of the Christian right(not the Jewish/Moslem/Hindu/Gnostic/etc. wrong) and the evils of sex to sway people into believing that we just aren't free enough for some things. Jesus died so that your kids could shoot the bad guy with his automatic Kalishnakov or run him down in his M1-A1 Abrams, but s-e-x is gross. Jesus died so that a man and a woman could marry, not two men. Love just isn't possible between two men.

In my country, my America(free of the brave) a man hits his wife because she forgot to bring him the nectar of life in can form. And somewhere, it's midnight and a group of people lay in the middle of a feild admiring the stars, taking in all the beauty of nature in a single breath. Complete euphoria washes over them as they all drift off into sleep. Flashlights engulf them as police storm the area, ready plant a jackboot into the face of some pothead. You can get drunk and party, you just can't get high and sleep.

In my country, my America(under god) a revolution waits for a spark.
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